Yarn Winder – How To

I have always been with yarns as long as I can remember. Started learning crocheting with my mom since a very young age. Ever since then it has become my greatest passion of all. I have never get bored with crocheting until now.

To organize my massive collection of yarns, I have bought this yarn winder. Hoping that it will helps to tidy up my yarn storage area. I really hates yarns scraps getting tangled up and me ending up sorting those strands and knots.  It was really fun to use this tools to wind up the yarns but I guess I will need a long time to finish since I have yarns more than I could imagine.

This tool needs to be mounted on a table for stability and you can easily adjust the thickness needed with the knob at the side. Then you will need to slot in one end on the roller and you are ready to go. Small size yarn winder like mine would be good for small yarns maybe below 100 gm. If you have bigger skein of yarns, you might need to get a bigger type of winder.

Watch here for the video tutorial on how to use the yarn winder:




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