Pom Pom Maker – How To

Hello there! Today I have added another craft tools to my collection.  Any crafter would agree that we could never have enough tools and craft supplies for our hobby… 🙂 This will forever applies to me.

My latest addition is the pom pom maker tools. You can make furry little balls with this tools. My sets comes in 4 different sizes which is 9 cm, 7 cm, 5.5 cm and 3.5 cm in diameter. This is not the exact measurement of the end product since you will be manually trimming the edges of the ball. You can always use the measurement as a guide to the size that you wanted.

These balls can be used to make small animals by joining 2-3 pieces or used them as decorations for the wreath or hanging ornaments.  It will however takes up a lot of yarn especially if you make the biggest size.

To make a fluffy and dense ball, I would recommend that you wind up as many yarns as possible to fill the tools. This will make the ball fuller and after trimming, you can get a round, dense and fluffy ball. If you use little yarn, your ball may turn up loose and may loose its shape even after you trim.

Watch how to make these fluffy ball using the maker here:

Have fun making them!

Will be back with tutorials on using these balls to make many items.


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