Felt Craft Tutorial – Mushroom

I am getting so addicted to these felt fabric that I am going to share another tutorial! It is so easy to work with these felt fabric, you will never worry about the seam and hand sewing them is a breeze.

Today I am going to share on making these mushroom plushies.

As usual the main material will be felt fabric and polyester fiber.

You will need material as below:

1. Printed Felt Fabric – You can choose any random printed fabric that you like, this will be the top of the mushroom.

2. Plain felt fabric – in light beige or light brown color, to make the base.

3. Polyester fiber and some sewing supplies such as scissors, sewing thread and needle.

Important tips: I always encourage to use fabric scissor when cutting fabric, not only these scissors gives a clean edge but it also makes the cutting job easier.

Before starting, save the template and print out in A4 size paper before proceeding. Cut out all the template and trace them on the fabric.

Download template 1

Download template 2

Watch the making of the mushroom plushies here:

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