Felt Craft Tutorial – Halloween Pumpkin

To celebrate this coming Halloween, I have made this to decorate my home. It is so soft and squishy, you can even use them as couch pillow.

To make these pumpkin, you will need :

1. Felt fabric – In any orange color or hue, preferably acrylic felt fabric since it is softer than polyester fabric. Black and light brown felt fabric as well.

2. Sewing thread – In orange, light brown and black color.

3. Polyester fiber – You will need quite a lot of them since you will need to stuff them up.

Some basic sewing supplies such as scissors and sewing needle.

To start of, you will need to print out the template in A4 size before proceeding. Cut out and trace the template onto the fabric before cutting them out. Important tips:  you can use any erasable pencil to trace or if you use dermatograph pencil, you can always cut on the inside of the lines.

Download the template here

Watch how to make the Halloween Pumpkin here:



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