Felt Craft Tutorial – Watermelon Purse

I have always wanted to make these to keep all my Sharpies pen, since I have a quite number of them. You can use them to store your make up products, pencil and pens or even as a purse.

For this project, you will need these few things:

1. Acrylic Felt Fabric – You can choose either acrylic for softer finish or you can choose polyester felt for more sturdy and firm look. For this, I have used acrylic felt in red, white and green. And small amount of black felt.

2. 8 inches (20 cm) red zipper – Any type of zipper will do. If you have wide teeth or jeans zipper will also work. Just ensure the length is right.

Some sewing supplies such as sewing needle, thread, scissors, tracing pen/pencil and some pin needle to secure.

Print your template here and cut out before tracing.

Download your template here

Watch how to make the watermelon purse here:

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